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Limbo   [ 84k ]   -plain text-
by: A K Naten     |email|

Scully/Reyes  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  05/31/02
Rework of 'Audrey Pauley' ep.

Believer 1 thru 8   [ 71k ]   -plain text-
by: Chana

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  12/19/98
It's winter in DC, and Scully has cancer. She meets someone who may save more than her life.

Night Ride Across the Caucasus   [ 92k ]   -plain text-
by: Politic X     |email|     |website|

Scully/Reyes  |  Story, Relationship, Angst
PG  |  03/09/02
'4D' done my way.

Sure. Fine. Whatever.   [ 56k ]   -plain text-
by: Susan P.     |email|

Scully/Reyes ~ Scully/Reyes (sort of) Reyes/White  |  AU, UST/Pre-slash
PG  |  05/25/03
An alternate universe take on "Syzygy." Mulder who? Monica Reyes is Scully's partner in this universe.

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