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Limbo   [ 84k ]   -plain text-
by: A K Naten     |email|

Scully/Reyes  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  05/31/02
Rework of 'Audrey Pauley' ep.

Small Sound Black Dreams: Morning After   [ 7k ]   -plain text-
by: Amatia

Crossover Pairing  |  Crossover ~ Silence of the Lambs
PG-13  |  01/12/99
Set after "Small Sound Black Dreams". Scully and Clarice Starling talk over coffee the next morning.

Obvious   [ 8k ]   -plain text-
by: amberbensontotallyrules4eva     |email|

Scully/Reyes  |  Angst, UST/Pre-slash, Unclassified
PG  |  08/08/04
Reyes listens to a song whilst thinking about Scully.

I'm Gone (155 Words)   [ 0k ]   -plain text-
by: Becc Carter     |email|

Crossover Pairing  |  Crossover ~ Stargate SG1
PG  |  05/31/02
"She still occasionally calls me 'Scully'."

Unexpected   [ 12k ]   -plain text-
by: Celievamp     |email|     |website|

Scully/Reyes  |  Romance/Relationship, Post-Episode
PG  |  10/23/06
She never expected this to happen

KARMA   [ 16k ]   -plain text-
by: Celievamp     |email|

Scully/Reyes  |  X-File/Casefile, Romance/Relationship, Post-Episode, Holiday Fic
PG  |  01/17/05
Fate and Karma and Winning Moves

Roadrunners   [ 20k ]   -plain text-
by: Celievamp     |email|

Crossover Pairing ~ Dana Scully/Janet Fraiser Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser  |  Missing Scene, Crossover ~ Stargate SG1
PG  |  09/05/03
Whilst recuperating in hospital, Dana Scully is paid a visit by two Air Force personnel.

Believer 1 thru 8   [ 71k ]   -plain text-
by: Chana

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  12/19/98
It's winter in DC, and Scully has cancer. She meets someone who may save more than her life.

Sobulation   [ 4k ]   -plain text-
by: danalissa     |email|

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG  |  04/15/01
No plot, barely a pwp.

Moonlit Moment   [ 2k ]   -plain text-
by: danalissa

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  12/11/99
Just a reflective midnight moment.

155 Words: Glam   [ 2k ]   -plain text-
by: Dasha K

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  04/29/99
Scully and May.

Keys, The   [ 12k ]   -plain text-
by: DrunkSails     |email|

Scully/Reyes  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  06/01/02

Shrink - Chapters 1 thru 22   [ 172k ]   -plain text-
by: Erin Stone

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  04/29/99
Scully decides she needs to take responsibility for her unhappiness.

Conhouse I and II   [ 361k ]   -plain text-
by: Erin Stone

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  09/26/98
An ongoing serial about Scully and Special Agent Lena Conhouse.

Fast Track, The   [ 22k ]   -plain text-
by: Exfilia

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  07/15/99
How deep a hole is the Hoover Building's basement?

Undercover in 155   [ 5k ]   -plain text-
by: Fatladysing     |email|     |website|

Scully/Other  |  Unclassified
PG  |  11/05/01
Scully as Delilah

Milk and Honey   [ 17k ]   -plain text-
by: Fatladysing     |email|     |website|

Reyes/other  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  12/31/01
Women like her come to sit, watch, and drown in over-strong cocktails the dawning realization that their curiosity is, in fact, a compulsion.

Flowers That Bloom in the Spring, Tra La, The   [ 5k ]   -plain text-
by: Halrloprillalar

Scully/Holly  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  04/29/99
Scully/Holly. Sweet lovers love the spring.

Haunting of the Hoover Building, The   [ 13k ]   -plain text-
by: Halrloprillalar

Scully/Other  |  Holiday Fic
PG-13  |  11/07/98
Halloween humour. Mulder seeks proof that their office is haunted. Scully doesn't believe him. (Not extremely slashy, but fun.)

Numerology At Night   [ 4k ]   -plain text-
by: Holliday     |email|

Scully/Reyes  |  Unclassified
PG-13  |  06/01/02
Last Minute of Tonight's Ep As in what wasn't seen.

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